AFO was founded in Barcelona in 1998 as a company specialized in innovative lighting solutions with fibre optics and LED.

We design and manufacture fiber optics systems, specialized LED products, and installation tools, which we market through a worldwide network of highly qualified partners, who work closely with architects, designers, engineering consultants, and installers. We never use fibers from secondary sources, but exclusively from Japan’s leading manufacturers: Toray Industries or Mitsubishi Industries.

Our mission is to set industry standards for fiber optics and LED systems’ integration and installation technology.

Our vision and objective is to make fiber optics and LED systems accessible through the development and marketing of innovative lighting solutions, and by making the technology available and accessible to small to medium sized partners in local markets.



Exclusive Technology

We take pride in being the first company in our industry to have taken seriously the development of user-friendly integration technology for fiber optic lighting systems.

Fiber optic lighting systems require tailor made solutions for every installation, since the fiber harness has to be specified in accordance with the distance from the illuminator to the light point.

Other companies usually sell ready-made harnesses; with the subsequent risk of the fibers being useless if there have been changes in the installation environment.

AFO offers its partners the alternative of ordering factory tailor-made harnesses or to adquire the tools and technology to produce the harnesses locally.


Optical Port Device

Our user-friendly system for mechanically connecting the fiber harness to the illuminator relies in the patented OPD (Optical Port Device) to standardize the docking device for fiber harnesses with common ends from 0,25mm to 30 mm diameter.

OPDs can easily be disassembled and assembled, thus permitting maintenance on the common end without having to discard the old docking device. There’s no need to drill or customize metal cylinders to fit the common end, as is the case with most alternative systems.


Linear Sidelight Fiber

Most side-emitting fiber in the market has simply been twisted and subsequently clad in PVC.

Our manufacturing process uses 0,75mm fibers snuggly wrapped in a Melinex™ ribbon in multiples of 21, with which to manufacture different thicknesses of sidelight fiber extruded into transparent polymer with UV retardant and algicide additives.

The result is a light guide that is easier to bend and shape in both indoor and outdoor applications around the world.

For a quick introduction to its application areas, please consult the Sidelight Photo Gallery.