Private Residence

For this open air shower, designer Atch Kosiyabong chose a scheme of fiber optics for the shower-heads and a starry sky effect on a side wall. The large-diameter fibers for the shower are enclosed in a watertight element injecting the light in the water to create an effect of liquid water that causes a sensation of wonder. The starry sky scheme has been included on a solid wall, the fibers fitted onto pre-drilled slabs of natural stone prior to its construction.


Shower: HLG201, 5mm high performance light guides with Megolon fire rated cladding.
MDI100 series, 150W discharge illuminators with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamp.

Starry Sky: HCF201, high performance 1mm fibers clad with Megolon in order to ensure adequate mechanical resistance.
MHI103, modular halogen illuminator equipped with effect disk and 50W dychroic halogen lamp.