Private Sauna

For a private residence, lighting designer Janez Skofic specified perimeter lighting and a soothing decorative starry sky built within the fabric of a sauna room. Zoran Kosmerl, from HAL, installed the system using sidelight guides and a mix of different diameter fibers for the oscillating starry sky.


HMG401, Microbraid sidelight guides driven by a MDI100 series, 150W discharge illuminator, with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamps and dychroic color change.
High performance bare fiber types HBF201, HBF301, HBF401, HBF501 and HBF601 from 0,5 to 2,0mm diameter powered by MHI100 series, 100W halogen illuminator, dychroic lamp and oscillating starry sky motorized effect.