The lighting designer Henric Eriksson specified 20 Lofoten Ramberg white 6500K LED fixtures (LOF171) for the pavement around a public fountain in Sweden. The fixtures, incorporating Cree LED’s, are mounted on AISI316 stainless steel boxes (LOP212) to ease the installation and the maintenance.


20 pcs. LOF171 Lofoten Ramberg white 6500K LED IP68.
20 pcs. LOP212 Lofoten Ramberg AISI316 stainless steel installation box.

Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok

For a large artwork, Lighting Designer Atch Kosiyabong needed fixtures capable of being continuously submerged and maintenance free. The only solution was fiber optics. The light guides are installed directly in the path of the spouts so the water is the light carrier.


HLG201, 5mm high performance light guides with self-extinguishing fire rated cladding, powered by MDI100 series, 150W discharge illuminators, with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamps and sequential dychroic color change.

Restaurant Casserres

The lighting designer needed tiny fixtures to integrate in the floor and steps and deliver tight narrow beams as wallwashers. Our WLP800 series couldn’t house a 3W LED. The solution was to design and manufacture 100 custom pieces in light alloy. Color temperature was an issue, as the LED fixtures had to match Formas Projectors equipped with 9/30 HQI 20w.


Custom WLP800 light alloy, IP65 fixtures equiped with 3W color-corrected LED.

Bridge Underside

To highlight the underside of this bridge in Lithuania, lighting designer Talidas Alcauskas specified in excess of 400 custom LED fixtures based on Advanced’s LOF110. The custom fixtures, incorporating Osram LED’s, are mounted on 316 stainless steel supports, quick-mount bases and specially constructed housings to ease the interconnection between fixtures.


Custom built LOF110 powered with LOP103 Osram power supplies centralized in specially manufactured waterproof housings. The whole system is certified IP68.


The artists wanted to light the underside of the sculpture with multiple points and fully recessed fixtures so all the emphasis would be on the stone and not the luminaries. Per Rødhall, a lighting designer with many years experience in fiber optics designed a system to maximize the stone volumes with unobtrusive light distribution. The result is a soft glow that lightens the overall impression of the sculpture.


HLG101, 3mm high performance light guides with Megolon fire rated cladding.
MDI100 series, 150W discharge illuminators with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamp and WLF511 recessed light fixtures.

All Souls Church

Close-up detail lighting of architectural features is often a complex task with projectors or other conventional light sources because of their bulk and maintenance difficulties in out-of-reach places. Fiber optics delivers the right amount of light only where needed, without heat or harmful radiations. The illuminators are located on an ancillary room and easily accessible.


HLG201, 5mm light guide with fire retardant Megolon cladding.
UFF series 100 and 200: Stainless steel universal fastening frames.
MDI100, 150W gas discharge illuminators with HQI-R lamp and 4000ºK.