Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa

For the ballroom and multi-purpose hall at the Hilton Pucket Arcadia, lighting designer Atch Kosiyabong from Chingchai & Sons Engineering created a stunningly realistic starry sky. The effect covers the full surface of the suspended ceiling with a veritable universe of slowly twinking stars. With dowsed general lighting, the room transforms with an illusion of open space of magical quality.


High performance Toray bare fibers of different diameters, powered with XXX illuminators equipped with high Kelvin lamps to reproduce accurate star colors.

Private Villa

To provide a focal point in a superb private residence, architect Triad Oman entrusted Lighting Solutions with the task to provide a subtle yet elegant starry sky field occupying the ceiling above the mezzanine area. The surface was decorated by a local artist with a representation of a cloudy sky to complete the striking effect.


High performance SSL050 starry sky mixed fibers light guides powered by MDI105 series, 150W discharge illuminators, with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamps and motorized starry sky effects disk.

Bowling Alley

In this project, the designer needed to create focal points over the columns dividing the alleys in a bowling club. The solution chosen by the team at Real R was a twinkling starry sky crafted with small diameter fibers to add a sensation of depth and perspective to the circular ceilings.


HBF201, high performance 0,50mm bare fibers driven by MHI302 modular halogen illuminators with 100W halogen lamps and oscillating starry sky shutter disks.

Sideral Effect

Besides a vast range of standard fiber optics sideral effects to blend in starry skies, Advanced manufactures custom effects from 1,000 to more than half-a million points, according to the specifications of Architects and designers in 82 countries. Nebulas are one of the most spectacular effects that can be created with fiber optics. The sample below is formed with 16,000 points and covers and area of 9m2.


HBF201, 0,5mm high performance bare fiber.
AHI illuminators with custom animation drums and 100W MR16 lamps.

Starry Sky in Restaurant

A simple yet very effective decorative scheme for a restaurant in Belgium. The narrow band of starry sky produced with 50 fibers of different diameters per square meter contributes to create an elegant and sedate atmosphere. The fiber’s different diameter is a key element to produce an authentic look.


SSL050 Starry sky mixed fiber light guide.
MHI302 Modular halogen illuminator with 100W MR16 lamp.