Museum of Modern Arts

To refurbish and upgrade the showcases of Riga´s Museum of Modern Arts, the design architects chose a fiber optics system capable of delivering cold controlled light without harmful temperature or radiation. The system, involving in excess of two-hundred adjustable fixtures, allows infinite configurations to illuminate each displayed piece with the correct level of illuminance. The lighting system only consumes a total of 500W.


ADF801 and ADF802 fixtures, powered by XXX001 halogen illuminators and HLG101, high performance 3mm light guides.

Vinca, “The Prehistoric Metropolis” Exhibition

In museum lighting, dramatism is difficult to achieve without complex lighting systems; expensive and difficult to control. The fiber optics system designed by Zoran Popovic from BCS Professional is a good example of theatrical-quality lighting with reasonable cost. The system is maintenance free but for a lamp replacement every 10,000 hours of operation.


HLG101 and HLG301, 5mm high performance light guides of 3 and 6,5mm diameter with self-extinguishing fire rated cladding, powered by MDI100 series, 150W discharge illuminators, with 4000º K ceramic metal halide lamps.
ADF fittings with 20º concentrating inorganic lenses.

Archeological Museum

The Greek division from the Zagreb’s archaeological museum required a number of showcases to display exhibits from costal excavations. Architect Zoran Kosmerl chose a selection of fiber optics systems to provide the levels of illuminance required without heat or radiation to guarantee the integrity of the pieces.


HLG101, high performance 3mm light guides powered by MHI301 illuminators equipped with 100W halogen lamps, housed on the ceilings of the wooden showcases.

Itinerant Archeological Exhibition

Archaeological excavations in south of Croatia yielded important artifacts. The restored pieces went on an itinerant exhibition through Europe (Split, Barcelona, Oxford, Vatican and Zagreb) during 2004 and 2005. The concept design was to present the basic parts in showcases that would fit, regardless of the lighting conditions, into any exhibition space. The fiber optics lighting system delivered an astonishing 700lx of even lighting on the exhibits.


HBF501 high performance end light fibers inserted and glued directly into the plastic sheet covering the interior of the showcases.
MDI101 illuminators fixed directly onto the showcase’s structure.