Private Residence

For this small indoor pool, lighting designer Luna Cosi from Lucos Lighting chose a double system of sidelight fiber for the perimeter and RGB floodlights to illuminate the water mass. Each system runs independently to afford users endless possibilities of single or combined effects.


Perimeter lighting: HMG401 Microbraid high-performance sidelight fiber powered by twin MDI110, 150W metal halide illuminators with 8-color change and DMX control.

Water-mass floodlight: WLP110 stainless steel PAR56 floodlight V2 model 70W LED RGB with DMX control.

Pond in Public Building

The students at a college in France were tasked to design a lighting scheme for a pond on the college grounds. The concept was installed by Patrick Mazure using 50m of 14mm high performance sidelight woven light guide, looped into a single power illuminator for a stunning linear effect.


MDI102, 150W Modular Discharge Illuminator with ceramic metal halide lamp and 6-color dychroic change.
HMG301 Microbraid woven sidelight guides clad on transparent PVC with UV and algae protection.

Residential Swimming Pool

Mazure Pools specialises in high end pools where lighting plays an important part in the finish design. In this pool, Patrick limited lighting to a single line of Microbraid optical fiber a few centimeters above the water level. The refection of the line creates a spectacular mirror effect, coupled with the synchronized dychroic color change.


HMG401 Microbraid woven sidelight guides.
150W metal halide illuminators type MDI103.

Private Pool

An excellent example of pool edge lighting with single and twin sidelight fibers. This sophisticated form of lighting enhances the pool shape and adds an elegant touch to its surrounds, far removed from the overused practice of flooding the pool with an excess of light from conventional halogen projectors. This type of lighting is preferably installed in new pools, on a groove provided for the fiber, but can be retrofitted to existing pools housing the light guide in polycarbonate tracks.


Microbraid HMG401, 18mm sidelight fiber clad on transparent PVC with UV and algae protection.
MDI103 Gas discharge illuminators with 150W lamps and integral color change.